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The Role of PDO Threads in Skin Lifting and Tightening

The Role of PDO Threads in Skin Lifting and Tightening

In the contemporary field of aesthetic medicine, PDO threads represent an intervention that has attracted a lot of interest due to its non-surgical method in skin lifting and tightening.

As being one of the least invasive beauty treatments, PDO thread lifts can address the problems of skin laxity and improve skin’s architecture. It is also important to learn all about PDO threads and the function they have in skin renewal processes.

The Role of PDO Threads in Skin Lifting and Tightening

What are PDO Threads?

PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are relatively micro-sutures with a very good tissue compatibility and biodegradability which have been used for long in various medical procedures especially in cases where internal suturing is needed. In aesthetics, these threads are sutured into the skin to give it a lift, and this also promotes the production of collagen. PDO threads are provided in different categories: micro threads for generation of collagen and twin corkscrew for pulling and fixing loose skin.

This is how PDO threads work to offer marvellous results.

The PDO thread lift procedure entails the application of threads into the subdermal layer of the skin via the use of needles or cannulas. These threads build weave a supportive infra structure that lifts and holds the skin in place. The threads also incite the body’s self-regeneration process and thus causes the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers around the threads. This, therefore, creates the kind of action where one is able to lift and pull whilst addressing skin aging, tightening and other related problems at the same time.

The Role of PDO Threads in Skin Lifting and Tightening

Benefits of PDO Threads

Non-Surgical Facelift:

PDO thread lifts are now a popular treatment in aesthetic medicine as an alternative to surgical facelifts, whereas it promotes a powerful lifting effect. The procedure is brief and recovery is not much of an issue either.

Collagen Stimulation:

Another advantage of PDO threads is the stimulation of collagen production is achieved by the utilization of PDO threads. It serves and maintains skin elasticity and firmness, the new collagen created helps in the maintenance of the lifting after the threads have dissolved.

Natural-Looking Results:

The lifting effect that PDO thread lifts provide is not dramatic and looks very believable. Threads are kind of self-absorbing: they are marked to dissolve over time while being replaced with the new collagen that supports the skin.

Minimal Downtime:

PDO thread lift on the other hand as a minimally invasive procedure hence does not require a lot of time to be spent at home. Nevertheless, most of the patients suffer slight oedema and hematoma that may take several days up to one week to heal.


PDO threads can be applied to facial and other body areas such as cheek area, jawline area, neck area and even arms and abdomen area or any other areas that can be considered saggy. They are efficient for fighting against skin laxity, for improving the skin’s quality and for erasing fine lines and wrinkles.

Side Effects and Things Bearable to Contemplate During and After the Operation

This fashion, a PDO thread lift procedure can take approximately 45 minutes to an hour for completion although the time will also depend on the part of the body that is undergoing treatment. The first step to perform the procedure is use of a topical or local anesthesia to reduce pain. The threads are then smoothly inserted into the face with the help of fine needles or cannulas. The fat threads are then placed in the locations preferred and these are then tightened lightly until the required amount of lifting is realized.

Patients may temporally suffer from mild swelling, bruising and mild discomfort after the procedure which does not last more than one week. In view of this, I suggest that patient should avoid any vigorous physical activities, biting the cheeks or tongue, and lying on the treated areas for the next few days. The action of magnets stimulates collagen synthesis and therefore the skin lifting which can be seen from the first session, improves more in months to come.

Am I a Good Candidate for the PDO Thread Lift?

Thread lifts procedures using PDO threads can be recommended to clients struggling with mild to moderate skin sagging and who want to improve their looks but do not want to resort to surgery. Desirable patient characteristics include good overall health, reasonably sane anticipation of the surgery and face lifting and skin tightening without involving major surgery. It is highly recommended that an individual seeking PDO threads consult a certified aesthetic practitioner to advise whether PDO threads are appropriate for the required solution.

Conclusion Threads have come to be known by their PDO abbreviation and have literally transformed non-surgical cosmetic procedures by offering a viable way of skin lifting. PDO thread lifts can offer valuable, supported soft tissue elevation both instantaneously and via lobular prompts for collagen development with the least amount of recovery time. Therefore, wherever the objective is to elevate the cheek contours, sculpt the jawline, or renew skin contractability of the neck or of the body area, PDO threads provide a safe and state-of-art solution for a rejuvenated look. Before you get a PDO thread lift, talk to an expert who will help you understand your objectives and recommend the step-by-step treatment plan that will suit you best.


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